CB Radios

Here you will find the CB Radio you need. Don't get stuck in a traffic jam without a good CB Radio at hand to acquire the critical information you need. We have CB Radios to suit any trucker's needs! Not a trucker? Get a CB Radio if only to listen to them and get the info you need during emergencies while on that lonely, open road! We try to carry some of the best CB Radios on the market today including Uniden CB Radios, Connex CB Radios, Galaxy CB Radios, Cobra CB Radios, Midland CB Radios, and more. If we don't have the CB Radio you're looking for, let us know and we'll find it for you...if its legal!

  All 10 Meter Radios are NOT CB radios. That means that they will NOT get any of the 40 CB Channels out of the box. Don't expect to buy a new 10 meter Radio, take it out of the box, plug it in and talk on channel 19. True there is a very easy to do Frequency modification that will add the CB channels, along with hundreds of others, but the 10 Meter radio is an amateur radio and NOT a CB Radio. Well, at least that is the claim of the manufacturers of these radios. Anyway a simple Frequency modification can be legally done by any CB shop.  You can legally listen in on the 40 CB Channels, but it is illegal to transmit on those channels do to the power which easily exceeds the max 4 watts of the legal CB radio.  You should also have a License to operate a 10 meter radio.

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Global Trucker is the first place to check when you need to buy a CB Radio on the internet! We try to keep stock of the best CB Radios including manufacturers such as Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy, Connex, Midland, Texas Ranger and more! If you are looking for the best price on a CB Radio...welcome home! We sell ONLY brand new, in-the-box CB Radios, don't go to eBay and take a chance of getting ripped off! We are THE place for CB's on the web today!