Peterbilt Semi Truck Lock-On Guard Fuel Anti-Theft Devices

Peterbilt Semi Truck Lock-On Guard Fuel Anti-Theft Devices
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Price: $59.95
Product ID : CT-102
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Lock On Guard specializes in providing a guard that covers your (OEM) factory fuel cap. With this lock, your fuel tank will protect your fuel from being stolen and your fuel from being contaminated by foreign materials. The inventor of this device personally had his diesel fuel stolen out of his truck 3 times in one month. This caused him to invent the Lock On Guard, which prevents fuel theft and fuel contamination for truck drivers and fleet companies. This product is made by truck drivers, for truck drivers, so take a look at the Lock On Guard and see how you can protect your fuel.

  • 4 keys are included with the 2 cap set
  • Locks will be keyed alike in a set of 2 caps
  • Made in polished aluminum
  • The opening is 4 ¼” and is angled for a threaded neck
  • Does not fit doorstep fuel tank models
  • Please choose from:
    • 1 Fuel Cap
    • 2 Fuel Caps

Is the Guard for You?
It happens in minutes. Fuel theft. Whether you're in the store for a snack or sleeping in the cab, it happens to everyone. Does it happen to you?

The Lock On Guard was created not by a company, but by a truck driver, who lost 200 gallons in 20 minutes, just by going to get his paperwork.

From lack of sleep and worrying about someone stealing my fuel, I started researching what I could purchase to protect my fuel, and found that there was nothing dependable out there. So, I built my own device. By other truckers asking me where I got them, this is how the Guard was put on the market. I knew other truckers wanted to be protected.

Guard Your Fuel
As you know, fuel prices are up around $2.50 a gallon, and I don't really believe fuel prices are ever going down. To fuel a 300-gallon truck is around a $900 investment, and it can easily be taken away from you in 20 minutes or less. Would you honestly leave $900 on the doorstep and hope no one would pick it up in the middle of the night? This is what you do every time you leave your truck unguarded. Without some kind of fuel protection device, your fuel will be stolen.

Guard Your Tank
When I first created the Lock On Guard, I knew nothing of syrup in your tank, antifreeze, mothballs, or any of the other things that will destroy your engine. These can cost you between $10,000 and $15,000, and it is happening more than you think. Just at the Louisville Truck Show, we had hundreds of people come up and tell us what had been put in their tanks. But, there is a solution. The Lock On Guard does work, and I trust my product so much that I have a pair on my truck at all times. Remember, these were made by truck drivers for truck drivers, and I don't think any other company can offer you that.

Guard Your Cap
The fuel cap is one item that is taken for granted. For example, a regular OEM Peterbilt fuel cap will cost in the neighborhood of $80 to $100. Ask yourself, how hard is it to remove that cap? They get stolen everyday. The standard Freightliner, Volvo, Kenworth, and other brands run between $40 and $100 for an OEM cap. Here again is another example of something unguarded that any thief could steal from you. This is another perfect example of how Lock On Guard can protect you.

Guard Your Wallet
With the use of the Lock On Guard, you can assure yourself that your fuel cap will probably be there in the morning, that you won't have to put more fuel in your truck in the morning, and that someone won't put a foreign substance in your tank to put you out of business. We live in a cruel world, and make no mistake, a fuel thief won't skip your truck just because you're a nice person.

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